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Still life, deer painting, deer skull, RinaMiriam, Rina Miriam Drescher, original paintings, art, artist, Rochester NY, Studio Harpy, Hungerford Building
acrylic on hardboard panel
16 x 20 inches
Still life, painting, oil on hardboard panel, Art, artist, RinaMiriam, Rina Miriam Drescher, Studio Harpy, Rochester NY
Oil on hardboard panel
wild, pink, painting, art, ooak, affordable, unique, Rochester, NY, artist, houseplant, painterly, color, colorful, masterpeice, one of a kind, small, decorative, decorate, interior, decorating, plant, botanical, grow, growing, Rochester, NY, artist, cont
acrylic and pumice media on canvas
12.5 x 14.5 inches